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Water Damage

Water damage can come from various different sources. From natural disasters to a simple pipe leak, each can create its own set of difficulties to the inside structures and contents of a home or business. The inside structure of a home or business can be adversely affected by the amount of water that enters the areas, and water can either damage one floor to various floors, therefore trapping water in ceilings, floors, walls or insulation. This can cause various problems such as swelling of hardwood floors, sub flooring and secondary damage with mold. Contents can present their own unique problems such as wet furniture, sofas and damaged clothing.

Secondary moisture problems can cause indirect damage to paintings, pictures, heirlooms, and important paperwork and documents.

There are various categories of water damage from clean water, to grey water, to black water. Just like opinions, every contractor has their own interpretations of guidelines. But EPA guidelines outline the categories: Clean water is a Category 1, grey water is a Category 2, and black water is a Category 3. These categories were in Josipovich, Daniel E.. The 2005 Bluebook Cost Guide. Forty-first Annual Editions. Lake Forest, California, US: THE BLUEBOOK INTERNATIONAL, 2005.

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Category 1

Obviously, once clean water source contacts other surfaces and materials, its condition changes as it dissolves or mixes with soil and other contaminants as time elapses. Examples of clean water sources may include, but are not limited to, broken pipes, tub or sink overflows, many appliance malfunctions, falling rainwater (but not that which flows over the ground or through multiple structural components), broken toilet tanks, and even toilet bowls in some cases.

Category 2

Often referred to as “gray” water. Unsanitary or gray water contains some degree of contamination. It would cause substantial discomfort or sickness if consumed by humans and it carries microorganisms or nutrients for microorganisms. Category 2 gray water examples may include, but are not limited to, overflows from dishwashers, washing machines or toilet bowls with some urine (no feces), broken aquariums, and punctured water beds. All of these carry chemicals or biopollutants (fungal, bacterial, viral, algae) or other forms of contamination. Gray water contamination is significantly aggravated by time and temperature. Gray water in flooded structures that remains untreated for days or weeks can change from gray category 2 to “black” category 3 water.

Category 3

Often referred to as “black” water. Category 3 black water always contains pathogenic agents. Grossly unsanitary, black water sources are those that arise from large quantities of sewage entering a structure. Sewage contains the expected urine and feces; but it also could contain dangerous chemicals or medical wastes. This category includes all forms of sea water, ground surface water rising from rivers or streams. They carry silt and organic matter into structures and create category 3 black water situations.
(Josipovich 46)

What We Do
We provide 24 hour, 7 day emergency response to water damage. We have been in business since 1987 and have qualified, experienced staff. We have de-flooding equipment for those times that require heavy water extraction. We have the facilities to handle the larger jobs where we can bring in items that have been damaged or affected to clean and dry.

Documents: We can process and dry documents at our facilities.

Clothing: We provide our own in-house facility for cleaning clothing that was damaged during the loss.

How We Can Help
By providing all of the above-mentioned services and more, we can help you recover from a loss and bring your home or business back to the same or better conditions before the loss.

We are a General B Contractor that can help you with your emergency services and also help you rebuild or remodel your home or business. We do photo or video documentation of the job site and contents. This ensures that a documentation process was done to help minimize and avoid problems with a resolution of insurance loss claims.

We can provide content pack outs either for storage or cleaning. Written and photo documentation can be provided upon request.

Please call for any additional contractor services such as electrical, plumbing or any other needs.

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