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Mold Damage

Mold is everywhere and it has been there from the start. Every day we live, breath, and interact with mold, whether we're outside or inside, it's everywhere. The rules to mold are simple: when there are more mold spores inside your home or business than there are outside, it’s a real problem. People have gotten used to air conditioning and heating systems in the home because it creates a pleasant environment for us to live in, but it also creates an ideal environment for mold to grow. In these instances we have a condition called condensation that improves their rate of survival.

Typically mold takes between 48 and 72 hours to grow with the right conditions. After the mold growth period, it can lay dormant if it's missing one of its elements.

There are also several elements and conditions that are the key to making sure mold grows. In order to grow, mold needs at least three elements: oxygen, a food source and moisture. In the book written by Bliss, Dave. Certified Mold Technician (CMT) Outline . IOT Exclusive copyright material of IOT, 2005.

Oxygen is everywhere and makes up about 20% of the air we breathe.

moldafter  moldbefore

Food source for mold spore is any organic material it lands on and absorbs (wood, paper, cloth, paint or dust particles).

Moisture is the third and most critical element. It can come from natural flooding, leaking air conditioner, broken pipes, leaking windows, poorly vented bathrooms, and damp basements and crawlspaces.

In our world full of mold, there are some that help us and others that harm us. For example penicillin is good medicine-making mold. There are also very bad molds like Basidiospores and Stachybotrys that cause allergies and serious health problems as well. Mold can get progressively worse when the elements and conditions are just right, but mold can be dramatically accelerated with the right kind of moisture, and now we're talking about the different categories of water entering your home or business (these categories can be found in the water damage section above).

One of the most important things a customer should know is that "dead mold" may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply kill the mold. It must also be removed.

What We Do
We have been in business since 1987 and have qualified, experienced staff. We have the facilities and the equipment to handle the small to larger jobs, from residential to commercial jobs. We can bring in items that have been damaged or affected to a clean and dry state if items are salvageable.

Documents: We can process and dry documents at our facilities. Documents can be saved and preserved but the mold stains can not be successfully removed without damaging the paperwork.

Clothing and eating utensils per EPA recommendations must be disposed of.

How We Can Help
By providing all of the above-mentioned services and more, we can help you recover from a loss and bring your home or business back to the same or better conditions before the loss.

We are a General B Contractor that can help you with your emergency services and also help you rebuild or remodel your home or business.

We do photo or video documentation of the job site and contents. This ensures that a documentation process was done to help minimize and avoid problems with a resolution of insurance loss claims.

We can provide content pack-outs either for storage or cleaning. Written and photo documentation can be provided upon request.

Please call for any additional contractor services such as electrical, plumbing or any other needs.

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