Bay Restorators


“To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend Everardo Rodriguez and his company Bay Restorators. Everardo has helped us solve and remediate complex mold and water damage problems at our residences on several occasions over the past twelve years. He also helped us solve a mold problem in one of our cars. He is very knowledgeable in matters concerning water leaks, both obvious and subtle, and the damage that they cause. He is very sophisticated and had a wealth of technical knowledge and he has seen and done so many things. In our case, on one occasion he helped us find hidden mold that was caused by an improperly installed clothes drier. On another occasion, he helped us dry out our house after a pipe blew in the middle of the night, leaving inches of water in our living room. He is a pleasure to work with. Should the need arise we would not hesitate to hire Everardo again.”

Robert Miller


“I highly recommend their service. They are excellent.”

Mrs. Josie Pearsoon


“Dear Mr. Rodriguez:

This is just a letter to confirm what I previously told you; that your work repairing the fire damage was carried out in a workman-like manner at a price that was almost half of what the other bids was for. We would use you again, although we hope this will never happen again, and will certainly refer any other unfortunate victims to you for your help in fire damage cases, as well as any other restoration type work.”

Yours truly,
Robert G. Schock


“Thank you for the exemplary services and extraordinary attention to the details of the situation and the care taken to allow is to continue with our work during this hectic and unfortunate period. We hope we will never again need your services but if we should we will immediately avail ourselves of them and will recommend your firm to anyone who might need your help.”

Yours truly,
James P. Brown
Operations Manager


“Dear Everardo,

Thank you for drying and restoring the cottage on my property. You were extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. You also made every effort to explain to me the procedures on how to best return the cottage to its prior state, before the flooding incident caused by the water main break on our street above.”

Allisen Asercion


“To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is a recommendation for Bay Restorators, the water damage restoration company that we used following considerable water damage at our house in one hour. Everardo, and his workers are very professional, reliable, conscientious and thorough in their work. They came everyday to check the situation, change the placement of the dryers and re-check the extent of the drying process. Their pride in their work was refreshing to experience.

I strongly recommend Bay Restorators for any restoration work that you may need and would welcome providing a telephone recommendation as well.”

Very truly yours,
Evelyn Goodwin


“For the past several years, Everardo Rodriguez’s company has been in my publication because he is the kind of emergency services specialist that you can trust to help you after a disaster. I know this not only from the claims offices that I come into contact with, but also from my family and friends. When they need a fire and water damage contractor, I tell them to call Bay Restorators. I have enough confidence in Mr. Rodriguez and his crew that I have given him my permission to show this letter to any and all concerned parties.”

Very Truly Yours,
Paul Giambroni